International 14 Class


The International Fourteen is one of the world’s premier sailing classes. It is a two-person, two trapeze skiff, with unlimited area asymmetric spinnaker and 200 square feet of combined mainsail and headsail area. Carbon hulls and carbon rigs, now generally with square-head mainsails, give exceptional performance. The relatively open class rules leave plenty of room for experiment, encouraging innovation. The Fourteen is for sailors looking for a fast, challenging boat in which they can develop their own ideas while sailing in the company of a group of like-minded, open and welcoming competitors.


The Boat

International 14's are built to a set of design rules, and are specifically not one-design. This means that every boat is unique in construction, rigging, appearance, and handling. Modern designs are carbon fibre dual-trapeze sailing skiffs with an asymmetric spinnaker and a t-foil rudder. The boats are high-performance, fast, and challenging to sail.

The development aspect of the class rewards sailors who are both competent sailors, and skilled at boat-work and rigging.


The Canadian Dinghy Association organises a racing series each season, with events typically taking place in Toronto, Kingston, and Ottawa.

Approximately every two years, the fleet ships their boats abroad to compete in the International 14 World Championships. 

2018 - Richmond Yacht Club, USA
2016 - Yacht Club de Carnac, France
2015 - Royal Geelong Yacht Club, Australia
2013 - Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto

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Who sails international 14

International 14 sailing is not for the faint-hearted. The boats are fast, challenging to sail, and, humbling even to fleet veterans. They are also perhaps the most fun and rewarding boats to sail and race. 

Good candidates to join the fleet are:

  • Experienced dinghy sailors 
  • Finished campaigning one-design, but not ready to let themselves go (keelboats)
  • Folks interested in boat design
  • Adrenaline junkies

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