2018 richmond worlds

The 2018 International 14 World Championships will be hosted by the Richmond Yacht Club on Berkeley Circle, San Francisco Bay from August 12-25.

Team Racing Worlds: August 13 - 14
Practice Race: August 16
Fleet Racing: August 17-24

2018 International 14 World Championships website

Team Racing Team: Sealing Anarchy (Canada)

Down To Funk
Boobie Too
Suh Dude
G-Force 3
Youthful Indiscretion


SHIPPING PLAN (updated 2018-08-01)

Toronto Departure

  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Launch - City Station: 150 Cherry St. Toronto Ontario, M5A 3L1    
    • Friday, August 3rd: Arrive Drop 
    • Saturday August 4th, Loading Boats in Toronto @ RCYC Cityside
      • BE READY TO LOAD BOATS AT 1000 hrs (i.e. mast down)
    • Sunday, August 5th: Arrive Hook, Depart


  • Richmond Yacht Club: 351 Brickyard Cove Road Point Richmond, CA 94801  
    • Friday, August 10th: Arrive Drop 
    • Saturday, August 11th, Unload Container @ Richmond Yacht Club
    • Sunday, August 12th: Arrive Hook, Depart 
    • Friday, August 24th: Arrive Drop 
    • Sunday, August 26th: Arrive Hook, Depart 

Toronto Return

  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Launch - City Station: 150 Cherry St. Toronto Ontario, M5A 3L1
    • Friday, August 31st: Arrive Drop 
    • Saturday September 1st, unload container in Toronto @ RCYC Cityside
    • Sunday, September 2nd: Arrive Hook Depart

Paperwork and Payment Plan:

  1. Please Confirm by July 18th if you (as someone who has placed a deposit) are still attending the event.
  2. On July 18th, I will issue a final bill/boat, and the final payment will be due by July 25th.
  3. We will provide instructions for the Carnet documents soon.